How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?



It’s no surprise that this is one of the most common questions people have because, let’s face it, if you need to file a bankruptcy or wage earner, money is probably already tight.  That’s why the Hurst Law Firm offers a FREE initial consultation to help you figure out if bankruptcy is right for you.  If you decide not to file, you owe us nothing.  If you decide to proceed, the Hurst Law Firm offers some of the most affordable attorney fees in Memphis, TN for filing bankruptcy or wage earner.  But just because we offer cheap fees does not mean that the service isn’t top notch.   We simply believe that by making our bankruptcy fees fair and affordable, we are able to help more people get the protection from their creditors that they deserve.  The cost to file your bankruptcy case will depend on which type of bankruptcy you need to file.



For a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, also called a wage earner, there are usually no attorney fees or court costs required to be paid before the filing your case. The attorney fees and court costs are typically paid out over the length of the Chapter 13 bankruptcyIf you are filing a $50.00 - $55.00 monthly.  Thus, most clients are not required to pay any attorney fee or court cost up front to get their Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed. 60 month bankruptcy plan at an average cost of around


Note: Some potential clients are required to pay part of the attorney fee before the filing of their case.  This is usually due to the complexity of their case or because of their prior case filing history.  Any up-front fees would be discussed before filing during the initial free consultation.


For more information on the cost of a bankruptcy in Memphis, TN call to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis TN (901) 725-1000



Our standard attorney fee for most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases is $850.00.  Some cases will require a higher fee, depending on the complexity of the case and prior filing history, but this would be discussed during your initial free consultation.  We encourage you to talk to other attorneys to see what they charge.  We believe that you will find our Chapter 7 attorney fee to be one of the most affordable bankruptcy fees in Memphis TN.




The Bankruptcy Court Clerk charges a filing fee to file a bankruptcy case.  The filing fee for a Chapter 13 wage earner in Memphis TN is $310.00.  This filing fee can usually be paid as part of your plan payment and does NOT typically have to be paid before your bankruptcy case is filed.


The filing fee for a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy is $335.00.  This filing fee does NOT have to be paid before the filing of your bankruptcy case.  However, this filing fee does have to be paid within 90 days of the filing of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.




The course is not difficult and can be completed over the phone or online.  We will be happy to explain this process to you during your initial free consultation.  For a list of approved credit counseling agencies offering this required Chapter 13 wage earner bankruptcy or a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcyBankruptcy law now requires that every person must complete a credit counseling course with an approved agency before they can file either a $10.00 to $35.00.  For a Chapter 13 wage earner bankruptcy, this is usually the only fee that would need to be paid before you file.  You do not need to figure out which agency to use on your own; we can refer you to an approved agency during your free consultation.course you can click here:  

The typical cost for the credit counseling course ranges from


Bankruptcy law also requires that a person complete a course called Debtor Education with an approved agency at the conclusion of their case in order to get a discharge.  The cost is similar to the cost for the credit counseling course although the Chapter 13 Trustees is Memphis TN offer this course for free once per month.

For more information on the cost of a bankruptcy in Memphis, TN call to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis TN at (901) 725-1000



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