Q:  How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy?

A:  The Bankruptcy Court charges a filing fee of $335.00 for Chapter 7 cases.  However, this fee can be paid after the filing of the case.   The filing fee for a Chapter 13 wage earner case is $310.00.  However, this fee can paid after the filing of the case, as part of your Chapter 13 plan payments.

For Chapter 7 cases, the Hurst Law Firm normally charges an attorney fee of $850.00.  Some cases may be more complicated though, and therefore a larger fee may be required.  All fees are agreed to and disclosed in writing before any case is filed.

For Chapter 13 cases, the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Tennessee (includes Memphis and surrounding areas in Tennessee) has set the standard attorney fee at $3,800.00.  However, in most cases, the Hurst Law Firm will allow this fee to be paid through your Chapter 13 plan and you will not have to pay any fees up front to get your case filed.


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